As members of this group project known as the School for Esoteric Studies, as well as of the broader New Group of World Servers, the manner in which we are called to work together differs from earlier times when spiritual development was grounded in an individual, secretive relationship with a Master and technological tools were few and far between. Here are some considerations to keep in mind:

  • The Soul learns through service, and we learn both from those in the School who are more experienced in the spiritual training and by, in turn, aiding those who are less experienced.

  • Each of us is a unique expression of the One Life, and we gain more strength of will as we become first integrated personalities and then soul-infused personalities. Working within the group, in service to the Plan, helps us learn detachment, compassion, and respect for differences.

  • How well we discipline our own mental and emotional energy is not just a personal matter. Our energetic clarity affects the effectiveness of the School, or the group as a whole.

  • Recent research is confirming that chronic media multitasking (e.g., simultaneous texting, Facebook, email, phone, video), while emotionally satisfying, can have a significant negative effect on our ability to focus deeply on a single topic and to screen out irrelevant data as we channel energy. In support of the group, each of us needs time away from the distraction of such input.

  • Now that there is more public focus on spirituality and the basic tenets of the Ageless Wisdom, we have multiple opportunities to engage in conferences, workshops, training courses, webinars, and other events that support our spiritual growth. In doing so, let us bear in mind how we can bring our learning and insights back to strengthen our group work.