Spiritual engagement is not only about personal spiritual development but also about living the reality of the One Soul in everyday life. At a time when our communal and political environment is becoming increasingly toxic and polarized, we need to confront and condemn the harm being perpetrated in a manner that takes the hateful dynamics seriously and dismantles them without intensifying them. We cannot stand idly by, thinking positive thoughts, or we become complicit in the harm being done.

To help people identify actions they can take, the School for Esoteric Studies is developing a series of White Papers to stimulate thought, discussion, and action. You are welcome to link to and distribute these White Papers, with attribution to the School:

  1. Inclusive Social Action
  2. Preparing for Inclusive Social Action
  3. Implementing Inclusive Social Action

Please share with us any further suggestions or ideas for collaboration on similar topics, writing to: info@esotericstudies.net