Many of the people who thrive in this work are "seekers" who are on a mission to discover deeper meaning in life. Although the higher truths can be found in a variety of philosophies and religions, often they are cloaked in a symbology that obscures more than it reveals. The writings on which this work is based, by Alice A. Bailey and Master Djwhal Khul, are noted for their straightforwardness and clarity.

Other thriving members are those who wish to be part of a spiritual group in which the less experienced learn from the more experienced. Still others benefit from the special long-term training that takes one toward integration of the personality, toward fusion with the Soul, and ultimately toward identification with the highest spiritual center, the Monad.

We make no claims as to the abilities that students will develop. Everyone is at a different place on the Path, and an orderly and correct spiritual development must occur from the inside, guided by the Soul. The Soul is the real Teacher, and the School offers materials and coaching to facilitate what is always a very individual process.

The questions below may help you determine whether this School is right for you.

  • Do you feel that you are on the spiritual Path?
  • Have you felt dissatisfied with the scriptural teachings or religious dogma that you have been exposed to?
  • Are you interested in learning in considerable detail about such topics as Soul-personality integration, human spiritual evolution, and the Spiritual Purpose guiding the evolution of Life?
  • Do you personally believe that there is spiritual guidance operating from the inner planes and available to all those who seek this help?
  • At each level, some of the readings will challenge your ability to comprehend. Also at each level there are a few short essays required in which you express your current understanding. Do you look forward to this kind of discipline?
  • The daily meditation (which in this School is called “occult” or creative meditation) has a thinking component in which a spiritual thought is analyzed and developed. If you are not familiar with this technique, do you look forward to learning it?
  • Are you interested in learning about the spiritual energies behind service and in enhancing your ability to serve others?
  • Has the reality of your Soul ever become inwardly evident?
  • Is there room in your life for a rhythmic daily discipline that will occupy about an hour? If not, are you willing to make sacrifices to create the time?
  • After covering this much of the informative material, do you have an intuitive response that says, "this is for me"?

The more questions you can honestly answer “yes” to, the more likely you will be at home with the School for Esoteric Studies. There are no questions in particular that require an affirmative answer, but if you answered five or more in the negative, or “maybe,” you might not find the School a good fit.