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What is a disciple?

We recognize them not necessarily through their esoteric philosophy or through the teachings they adhere to, but rather through their inclusive attitudes and thinking, their unselfish motives and service, and through their inspired openness to the Plan of Love and Light. All such workers may be called "disciples" –whether they are conscious of it or not – as they discipline their lower lives so as to let the higher impressions, the inner Stream, work through. (Standing in the Stream: the Way of Discipleship booklet, School for Esoteric Studies)

What is our training approach?

Students study esotericism as a science. The basis of the School for Esoteric Studies' teaching is the Ageless Wisdom as presented in the books of Alice A. Bailey as well as literature from other philosophical, psychological and esoteric writers. No emphasis is laid on any authority, and everyone is left entirely free to accept or question any aspect of it.

The training sequence used by the School consists of a carefully-structured sequence of lessons within courses, with students getting personalized feedback at each step of their work. Through daily reviews and guided spiritual experiments, students gain insight into their own nature and begin to build in desired qualities. Through study and meditation they gain understanding of their fellow human beings and become intelligent interpreters of world affairs in the light of spiritual values. Gradually a conscious working relationship with the higher Self evolves; this inevitably puts students en rapport with the Divine and inspires the urge to serve. The personal daily life becomes transformed and illumined.

Expectations of students include a commitment of 30-60 minutes a day for meditation and study, as well as a commitment to long-term spiritual growth.  Students need to be prepared to work as part of a subjective group rather than, or in addition to, an "in-person" group.

The School’s training is provided free of tuition charges and is financed through student donations.

t no one travels the Path alone and members of the School definitely share in a group endeavor, which soon becomes a subjective reality. As an esoteric group the School serves to infuse spiritual energy into the world.

Want to join us?

To apply for admission, click here. For other questions, please consult Frequently Asked Questions or contact the School. The School for Esoteric Studies does not discriminate in admissions on the basis of race, nationality, creed, family structure, physical ability, or socio-economic background.