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The period of the Three Linked Festivals is a time of spiritual high tide that provides us with a renewed opportunity to stand and work in closer rapport with the Spiritual Hierarchy and to become more useful agents or channels for the receiving and distributing of spiritual energy in the service of humanity as part of the New Group of World Servers. For each of the festivals (the Easter Festival at the Aries full moon, the Wesak Festival at the Taurus full moon, the Festival of Goodwill at the Gemini full moon), the School for Esoteric Studies prepares a talk to help us focus our thoughts and attention on the particular energies of that festival period. We have provided below the most recent of the talks for your reading and reflection.

The Festival of Easter

2018 Invoking and Evoking New Beginnings, Angela Barrera
2017 Initiating Right Human Relations: What Is Our Role in Healing the Cleavages?, SES staff
2016 Easter and the Silence of Right Speech, Angela Barrera
2015 Resurrection and the Dynamic of Harmlessness, Martin Vieweg
2014 Merging Self with Group Work, Martin Vieweg
2013 The Full Moon in Aries, John Nash
2012 The Full Moon in Aries, Kathy Newburn
2011 The Full Moon in Aries, John Nash
2010 Aries and Avatars, John Cobb
2009 Becoming Radiant Points of Crisis, Dorothy Riddle
2008 Avatars and the Energy of Synthesis, John Cobb
2007 Renewal and Recreation, Jillian Somerwill
2006 The Spirit of Resurrection, Jillian Somerwill
2005 The Life That Conquers Death, Luisa Romero de Johnston

The Festival of Wesak

2018 Our Responsibilities During the Festival of Wesak, Dorothy I. Riddle
2017 Supporting Right Human Relations, Dorothy Riddle
2016 Channeling Wesak Energies for Cleansing Purposes, Dorothy Riddle
2015 Distributing Wesak Energies Harmlessly, Dorothy Riddle
2014 Becoming a Channel for Wesak Energies, Dorothy Riddle
2013 The One Life, the One Humanity, Frank Hilton
2012 The Dynamic of Determination: Enlightened, Enthusiastic Will, John Cobb
2011 Forging a Vision in a Time of Transition, John Cobb
2010 The Inner Life of Wesak, John Nash
2009 Shamballa Influx Redux, John Cobb
2008 Group Interdependence, John Cobb
2007 The Sevenfold Purpose of Sanat Kumara, John Cobb
2006 Wesak and the Light of Life, Bruce Lyon
2005 The Externalization and the Three Planetary Centers, Frank Hilton

The Festival of Goodwill

2018 Group Service: Invocation and Evocation, Miguel Malagreca
2017 Goodwill: The Challenge Before Us, David C. Borsos
2016 Distribution of Energy During the Festival of Goodwill, Miguel Malagreca
2015 Goodwill and Group Harmlessness, Miguel Malagreca
2014 Generating Goodwill Between Esoteric Groups, Dorothy Riddle & Miguel Malagreca
2013 Goodwill Toward All Life, Dorothy Riddle
2012 The Full Moon in Gemini, John Nash
2011 Goodwill and the Law of Loving Understanding, Dorothy Riddle
2010 Integration, Synthesis, Unity, A Student
Integración, sintesis, unidad
2009 The New World Religion, John Nash
2008 Goodwill and the Resolution of Dualities, Dorothy Riddle
2007 Goodwill as an Agent of Change, Dorothy Riddle
2006 Love in Action, Martin Vieweg
2005 Festival of the Christ, John Nash